How does a computer produce light?

Answer Since this is posted under "monitors", there are three comon types: the old crt "tube" like a TV uses an electron beam that makes phosphors on the inside of the tube glow in colors; most LCD flat p... Read More »

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How does a neon gas produce light&work?

Neon gas illuminates city storefronts in the form of gas discharge tubes arranged into eye-catching signs. The reddish glow of neon light comes from electricity's effect on the neon electrons.NeonN... Read More »

How much light does a t-5 fluorescent bulb produce?

At 104 lumens (measurement of light intensity) per watt, the standard T5 fluorescent lamp is a highly-efficient fluorescent light source. The output of a 4 foot T5 lamp produces 2,900 lumens.Refere... Read More »

What color of light does xenon fluorescents produce?

Xenon is a heavy element and a noble (inert) gas. When used in clear light bulbs, it emits a blue or light-purple color when the gas molecules are charged with electric current. In a "xenon fluores... Read More »

How do stars produce light?

Stars are massive, luminous balls of plasma held together by the force of gravity. They can be clearly visible on a cloudless night like tiny dots embedded in the sky. There are several factors tha... Read More »