How does a computer monitor work?

Answer There is a good explanation here:"How CRT and LCD monitors work"…

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Can any LCD monitor work on any computer?

Not every LCD monitor will work with every computer. Some LCD monitors are built for PCs and aren't compatible with Macs. If the monitor uses a simple 15-pin VGA connection, it will work with most ... Read More »

Can my boss monitor my activity on my work computer?

Many companies use covert software to monitor employees habits, after all if you are chatting to friends on facebook etc you are not working, the company is after all paying you to work for them, c... Read More »

How can i get rid of a computer monitor that doesn't work?

CRT monitors (as opposed to LCD flat panel monitors) contain a significant amount of lead and other heavy metals. It is illegal to dump them or put them in the trash. Most towns have a recycling ce... Read More »

Would a tv work better than a monitor for my computer?

No, you'll find that TVs give a slightly blurred image as they're designed for videos, not text. A monitor is much more pixel precise for up-close viewing.