How does a common language spread ideas and commerce?

Answer Possibly it's going to be hard for AT&T or Verizon to make such thing

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When did the Latin language stop being common language?

As the Roman Empire grew, Latin evolved into several regional dialects, which eventually became the Romance languages (Spanish, French and Italian) after the empire fell. What became known as Vulga... Read More »

Ideas for an Oral Presentation on the Secretary of Commerce?

As a member of the President's cabinet, the United States Commerce Secretary oversees the advancement of growth of the American economy through business, trade and economic development, according t... Read More »

A common computer language to learn?

If you are doing this just for fun and not looking to become marketable the best and I think the most straight forward is Visual Basic. While some people believe this is an old language and you are... Read More »

Why do ideas spread faster today?

Yes, the president is required to make a report to Congress, "from time to time". It has become customary for the president to do so in a speech once a year.