How does a citizen get a bill into congress?

Answer To get a bill into Congress requires preparing an initial version of the bill, known as a "draft." People involved in drafting a bill for Congress can include congressional representatives, staffer... Read More »

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How does a bill go through the u.s. congress?

According to The U.S. Constitution Online website, the U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 7 sets the framework for how a bill becomes law. The Constitution allows the details of how a bill is pas... Read More »

How does Congress make a bill into a law?

There are several steps that must be conducted before any bill can become a law. The process itself can be extremely quick or take an extended amount of time, depending only on the amount of time ... Read More »

Who may propose a bill in Congress?

A U.S. senator can introduce a bill in the Senate, while a U.S. representative can introduce a bill in the House. Anyone can draft a bill and present it to the appropriate senator or representative... Read More »

How is a bill passed in Congress?

A bill becomes U.S. law after the House of Representatives and Senate approve it and the president signs it.InitiationMembers of Congress initiate bills at any time while in session and from either... Read More »