How does a child get in foster care?

Answer The local child welfare agency removes the child from the home due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. The agency may learn of the abuse by a report from a doctor or teacher, or a call by a concerned... Read More »

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Can i take my child out of foster care after I'm out of foster care when im 18?

i don't see y not i mean that's ur kid right then hell ya u can have him but u will probly have to adopt him or go threw the cort u know but u will have to have a job and a house with every thing i... Read More »

How does a parent get their child out of foster care?

I'm afraid it really isn't up to the parent, but it definitely depends on the situation in which they were removed from you. If there is work YOU can do personally to improve the odds then do it. E... Read More »

How much does Florida pay foster parents for child care?

The average amount foster parents receives is $380 per child. It is a monthly payment called the"basic foster care reimbursement rate." The actual cost of fostering a child ranges from $739 to $890... Read More »

Does a child have to go into foster care during adoption process?

If you have already found a person to adopt a baby then no the baby doesn't have to go through foster care. Yes, You Are Correct. Until the Process it Finished, and the Legal Documents have Been Ch... Read More »