How does a change machine know what bill it is?

Answer U.S. dollar bills have multiple security features that are recognized by the optical and magnetic sensors in a change machine.Ultraviolet and Fluorescent ScanningWatermarks and coloring on bills sh... Read More »

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How to Change a Washing Machine Filter when the Machine Is Full?

This is a messy job but sometimes you have no choice but to clear the filter in a washing machine while it is still full of water if your washing machine stops working because of a blockage. This a... Read More »

Installing a bill eprom reader chip in a VM 401/451 vending machine.?

Look for a similar sized socketed chip on either the bill reader or the board it plugs into. If you're lucky, there will be only one. Note which way the original chip is facing before gently prying... Read More »

How can i change my bt bill to quarterly?

Have a read of this link;…Might explain it a bit.Monthly direct debit is the cheapest way of paying for it though.You can get a quarterly bill, but it usua... Read More »

How to Change the Price on a Vending Machine?

There are many different brands and types of vending machines, but every machine requires similar actions to change the prices of products inside. The most common machine is called a bubble front,... Read More »