How does a certain drink taste 'dry'?

Answer Tannins have nothing to do with dry. It is quite possible to have a tannic, sweet wine, which would make it NOT dry. Dryness only has to do with residual sugar.EDIT: The poster below is partially... Read More »

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When you drink any alcohol, how does it taste?

Just depends on what type it is. Mixed drinks don't burn, they'll just have an unusual alcoholic flavor that lets you know something's in the drink. Vodka can be dangerous, because if it's decent q... Read More »

Drink alcohol for taste or get drunk?

Drinking "for the taste" is a poor excuse for drinking.

What to drink when you hate the taste of alcohol?

I think it is unspeakably rude of people to insist that another person drink alcohol when they don't want it. You are perfectly fine not choosing to drink it. Just order your beverage, soda, tea, o... Read More »

What does the drink Silver Spider taste like?

I've never had it, but of course Vodka just beefs up the alcohol content without adding much taste, and Triple Sec tastes of oranges. I'd say it must taste very much like a "ladies drink" as they ... Read More »