How does a cat get kidney failure?

Answer According to, kidney (renal) failure is a common condition in older cats. When treating renal failure, it is important to find out the cause of the condition.SignificanceThe mos... Read More »

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Could this be kidney failure?

Don't really know where your dad got this from but I am not saying he is misinformed but I had symptoms but I have kidney failure in one kidney but what you say it sounds like a gallbladder or more... Read More »

What are the signs of kidney failure?

There are many people who are living with kidney disease but don't know it. The early warning signs are very subtle, but if you know how to recognize the symptoms of kidney disease you can begin tr... Read More »

Does creatine cause kidney failure?

Creatine is formed from amino acids in the kidney and liver. It then travels through the blood and is utilized by the muscles. Creatine taken as a supplement is intended for short term yet highly i... Read More »

Canine Kidney Failure Causes?

There are two types of kidney failure, or renal disease, in dogs. They are classified as acute and chronic. Acute kidney failure occurs suddenly and is generally very severe. Chronic kidney failure... Read More »