How does a cat get kidney failure?

Answer According to, kidney (renal) failure is a common condition in older cats. When treating renal failure, it is important to find out the cause of the condition.SignificanceThe mos... Read More »

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Does creatine cause kidney failure?

Creatine is formed from amino acids in the kidney and liver. It then travels through the blood and is utilized by the muscles. Creatine taken as a supplement is intended for short term yet highly i... Read More »

How exactly does high blood pressure cause kidney failure?

The Kidneys contain a part called the Glomerulus that is the filter part of the kidney it is made up of thousands of microscopic blood vessels like capillaries. When you B/P is to high or stays sli... Read More »

Feline Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure is a common disease among cats. Many cats are allowed to roam freely around neighborhoods, so they often get into substances stored around homes, such as antifreeze and other chemica... Read More »

Symptoms of Kidney Failure and Anorexia in a Dog?

Kidney failure in dogs means that the kidneys are failing to perform their designated jobs. As the body's filtration system, the kidneys normally filter the blood, send toxins and excess fluid to t... Read More »