How does a car insurance deductible work?

Answer When taking out a car insurance policy, you have several options to consider, including collision, comprehensive and liability coverage limits. Keep in mind that your deductible is an important fac... Read More »

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Will secondary insurance pay the co-insurance amount of primary insurance if you have met the deductible in secondary insurance?

Answer You're going to have to look at your policy or brochure to see what the provisions are.For more details see

Do You Have to Pay an Insurance Deductible Before Anything Else?

Insurance deductibles only apply to specific types of claims but are used in many types of insurance. Policies which could be abused through many small claims, including auto and home insurance, a... Read More »

How much of a deductible to take on car insurance?

Car insurance deductibles range from $250 to $1,500. The lower your monthly premium payment, the higher the deductible will be. Choose a deductible that you could comfortably afford to pay should y... Read More »

In insurance, what is a deductible?

The amount you have to pay out of pocket before the insurance company starts to pay their portion. For example, if you have an Auto policy with a $500 deductible, and you have an accident that cost... Read More »