How does a buzzard defecate?

Answer Buzzards defecate the same way other animals do--through an opening at the end of the digestive system-- called the vent in birds and the anus in people.Digestive PathBuzzards have a two-chambered ... Read More »

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Why does your cat defecate outside the litter box?

While cats are easily trained to urinate and defecate in the litter box, cats also are notoriously picky and may stop using the box for a variety of reasons. Reasons can vary from medical reasons... Read More »

How long does an average human take to defecate?

When the other folks in the dorm start banging on the stall doors, you're taking too long. Anything under 5 minutes is probably ordinary. But if you find yourself finishing books in there, then you... Read More »

What does it mean if blood comes out when you defecate?

bright red blood usually indicates internal hemmorhoids. Suggest increasing fiber and water intake to soften your stool so it isn't requiring so much pushing to get it out.

How to Defecate?

Although many of us have been defecating for years, there are some measures that can be made to make the process more smooth.