How does a blockade work?

Answer A blockade works by cutting off food, supplies, war material and communications from a particular area by force, often to win a war. The Union Navy blockaded Confederate ports by ship and submarine... Read More »

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What is a blockade ?

A blockade is a military maneuver, akin to a form of siege. The aim is to cut off an enemy nation, city or holding from any form of supply, eventually forcing the enemy to capitulate.HostilityA blo... Read More »

Risks of Neuromuscular Blockade?

Neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBAs) are used to relieve anxiety and pain and paralyze the skeletal muscles during surgery. Stress responses to anxiety and pain can suppress the immune system, aff... Read More »

What is a naval blockade?

It is when a sea power (navy) blocks a port or harbor keeping other ships from coming or going. It cuts a city from receiving or send supplies and reinforcements.

When did the blockade in WWII end?

Two major blockades occurred during World War II. The first was the Battle of the Atlantic, which lasted from Sept. 3, 1939, to the end of the European Campaign on May 7, 1945. The other involved t... Read More »