How does a baby get oxygen once the umbilical cord has been cut?

Answer The cord is cut once the baby is delivered and the baby doesnt need the cord for oxygen anymore then as it breathes air.

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Does a baby turtle have an umbilical cord?

Baby turtles do not have umbilical cords. Mother turtles lay their eggs on the beach then leave them to hatch. The babies survive from the nourishment inside the eggs. Umbilical cords are found onl... Read More »

Does a baby feel the umbilical cord being cut off?

Answer Nope, there isn't any nerve endings in it.

Does a baby cry only after umbilical cord is cut?

they come in to the world screaming and then the doctor clamps it and cuts it right after so....................they are still crying afterwards

Where does the umbilical cord go after having the baby?

In many cases it will be used for research purposes. It is a good source of stem cells. If not, it is considered medical waste and incinerated.