How does a Tumblr blog get so popular?

Answer "our earth" Me likey! I'm in a very happy mood so the music makes me shake my *** and the pictures make me think of a well spend vacation! I like it! How to get popular? I have no idea lol, sorry.

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How to get your Blog on Tumblr become popular?

To get your blog popular, you need to post your own material that other people will want to see, and then tag it well so others can find your pictures. The more unique and original of content you ... Read More »

How do I create a link on my tumblr blog that directs to my friends blog?

Once you are logged in and on your dashboardClick and go to your blog linkNow go to customize themeOn the left panel you can see pagesYou can add a page and place the link as you want.This way you ... Read More »

What should Be my Tumblr Url (GIF Blog)?

G-I-f-f-y-s.tumblr.comGif-city.tumblr.comAllgifsalldays.tumblr.comAll-gifs-all-day.tumblr.comPlace-of-gifs.tumblr.comWorldforgifs.tumblr.comWorld-for-gifs.tumblr.comI checked them all and none of t... Read More »

I need a tumblr blog name?

if you are looking for review tumbler blog here are few name i can suggestenternamentandartsartsreviewsartistier