How does a Plasma TV work?

Answer If you want a detailed explanation on how plasma technology works, then take a look at the Wikipedia page for it:… Basically, a plasma TV uses charged ion... Read More »

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Can I buy a plasma TV in the US that will work in the UK?

Yes, you will need a voltage transformer to convert the 220v from the wall to 110v for your TV. Also you will need a multiregion VHS player to be able to watch PAL Broadcast. One thing is for sure ... Read More »

What do you do if HDMI does not work in your plasma tv?

either check the hdmi cable or unplug and replug. You have to use the correct input format on your tv. Ex: input one is av cables (yellow,red,white) while input 2 is coaxial. Input 3 should be hdmi... Read More »

What Makes a Plasma TV Work?

A plasma TV works by creating a special chemical reaction that converts contained gases into plasma that interacts with the special components of a plasma display to produce visible light. The uniq... Read More »

How do you program your charter cable remote to work with a plasma tv?

The original full price for the RCA STAV-3880 was $299.99, often on sale for $249.99