How does a Linksys switch work?

Answer A Linksys network switch is used to connect multiple devices to the same network. It is an integral part of a network because it allows computers to share resources, such as printers and hard drive... Read More »

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How to Setup a Linksys 8 Port Work Group Switch?

A Linksys 8 port workgroup switch allows you to network and connect up to eight computers together. However, the switch does not allow these computers to connect to the Internet. You need to conn... Read More »

How do I add a Linksys switch on a network?

Patch Ethernet to Linksys SwitchConnect the switch to the existing network with an Ethernet cable. One end of an Ethernet cable will be connected to a free port on the Linksys switch. If the Linksy... Read More »

How to Make a Linksys Router a Switch?

To turn a Linksys router into a switch you have to turn off the settings within the device that allow it to act as a router. In doing so, you allow the Linksys to broadcast the same signal as the m... Read More »

What is the Uplink port on the Linksys switch?

The Uplink port on the Linksys switch is the port you use to connect the switch to a router or to another switch. Connecting a router to the Uplink port of the switch allows all the users connecte... Read More »