How does a DUI conviction affect your car insurance?

Answer As far as your car insurance costs are concerned, a DUI conviction is about the worst thing that you can have on your driving record. Avoid drunk driving all together; a DUI can cost more than just... Read More »

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Does a criminal conviction affect your credit status?

On One Hand: It May Not Affect Your Credit ScoreFICO scores are calculated from many sources of data that are contained within your credit report. While a criminal conviction can remain on your rep... Read More »

After a DWAI conviction is it wise to drop your insurance during the revocation period?

Answer Well, sadly, probably after a DWAI conviction your insurance will find it wise to drop you.

How many years does a DUI conviction stay on your driving record for insurance companies in WYO?

If a car has only storage insurance on it and someone else drives it can the person who has the insurance policy be held responsible and will it affect that person's insurance?

Answer I'm assuming that "someone else" had an accident while driving this un-insured car, and that person should be held responsibility. However, if they have no assets, responsibility will fall o... Read More »