How does a Computer play Chess?

Answer After you play a move the computer considers numerous possible moves for it to play. After each one, there is a separate part of the program that has an "evaluation" capacity which assigns a number... Read More »

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How to Play Chess for Free Against a Computer?

Playing chess against computer opponents has several perks. When you do so, you have the option of playing without being intimidated by the stare or comments from a human player. This can be a more... Read More »

How to Play Against 2 Qh5 (in Chess)?

Here is the best possible counter to an early mate attempt involving Qh5 by White in a chess game. If White is stubborn and continues to attack the f7-square, he loses a piece and with it the game.

How to Play Chess?

Playing chessChess is a very popular game and is widely accepted as one of the oldest games still played. Although it has a set of easily comprehensible rules, it requires a lot of practice to win ... Read More »

How to Play Advanced Chess?

So you know how to play chess. But have you come to a point where you meet a person you just can't beat? Do you know what en passant is? A pawn storm? Lifting a rook? If you answered no to any of t... Read More »