How does a 4GB micro sd card hold so much information?

Answer Yes it will, but it will not support 3G. It works on the Edge network just fine.

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How much information do 4GB Micro SD cards hold?

4 GB of Micro SD card storage space can hold roughly 1,000 songs, based on all songs being MP3 formatted and an average of 4 minutes long. 4GB SD cards can also hold approximately 286 pictures, ass... Read More »

How many songs can an 8gb micro SD card hold?

The amount of songs an 8GB micro SD card can hold depends upon the size of the song files. A normal song file ranges from 3MB to 6MB. The average song is about 4MB. By dividing 8,192 MB (8GB) by ... Read More »

How many pictures will a 1 GB micro SD card hold?

Obviously depends on quality of the pictures, but you should get about 300-500.

How much can a 4gb sdhc micro sd card hold?

The amounts vary depending on the format of the device used. The higher the quality of video, music or pictures, the less is able to be stored. Between 95 and 2861 pictures, 15 and 40 hours of vide... Read More »