How does a 17 year old take care of a baby?

Answer Nourish the baby with love. That includes everything for his/her health, safety, gentle touch, hugs and kisses, or paying attention to his/her calls. If you are busy and the baby is awake play a lu... Read More »

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Can a pregnant 15-year-old girl move in with her 15-year-old boyfriend and his parents if they will be taking care of the baby?

How much does it cost to care for a baby in the first year?

Answer Hey there,Check out this Website I posted below, it has a 'Cost of Raising a Child Calculator'. Luck.ANSWERAlot also depends on ... Read More »

Why does everyone say a 14-year-old shouldn't have a baby if she is able to take care of a child?

I decided that since everybody had ridiculous answers...I would give you a straight answer that hopefully everybody would agree on without hostility. The issue is not whether or not a 14 year old ... Read More »

Should a 16-year-old keep her baby if she knows she can take care of it and she has her mother's support but the father doesn't want to be involved?

Keep your baby If you truly believe that you can love this child unconditionally, put this child before any other person or thing, except God you should keep it and love it with all your heart. I ... Read More »