How does Youtube make money?

Answer people see advertisments. People buy product. Products company give fraction of income to youtube. Youtube profits

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YouTube question how do i make money of f of youtube i monitized my video to get money but am not getting view?

Well if you're not getting any views its one of the following reasons1. Your not promoting your videos well enough. You need to comment and subscribe to other channels, make use of social networkin... Read More »

Does youtube cost money.if it does can someone make me oneusername-naruto877 pasword-naruto?

You just gave out your user name and password. You need to make up a new one now!

How much money does the top comedian make on Youtube Monthly or year?

They make $2.50 per 1000 viewsso like fred for example if he has 10million views ona vidhe will get like 50,000 dollars

Does Laina Walker (Overly Attached Girlfriend) make money from her Youtube Videos and Meme status?

Of course! All popular YouTube participants make loads of money!