How does Wurmple evolve?

Answer Wurmple, the bug Pokémon, was first discovered in the Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald versions of "Pokémon" for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. Unlike many other Pokémon, Wurmple's evolution does not depend ... Read More »

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How to Evolve Wurmple?

Wurple, a Bug type Pokemon. Wurmple has lower stats than most Bug type Pokemon but when it evolves, it is better. This article will show you how to Evolve a Wurmple.

If eevee starts to evolve into espeon will it evolve into umbreon?

Yes. Just press the B button when it is evolving, and level it up again at night. Just make sure to keep it happy until then.

How will television evolve?

Answer Broadcast television is undergoing a change that is the largest since the intruduction of colour, back in the 60s. Display technologies now offer high definition, broadcast chains have grown... Read More »

How did the alto sax evolve?

For an instrument originally designed to play in orchestras and military bands, the alto saxophone evolved into a frontline instrument. Its wide tonal range and relative playing ease make it a good... Read More »