How does Wikipedia work?

Answer Who writes it? We all write it.The BEAUTY of wikipedia (and what makes it so awesome) is that ANYBODY can edit it. That's why there's so much awesome information that might be too obscure for a pap... Read More »

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Why doesn`t Wikipedia work for anyone?

The blackout is in protest against proposed legislation in the United States – the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives, and PROTECTIP (PIPA) in the U.S. Senate. The... Read More »

Wikipedia doesn't work on iPod touch?

Try accessing the Mobile version at , or download the official app at… . If it still does not work, please notify https://... Read More »

How does WIKIPEDIA work :o there's a lot of stuff written on every possible thing i can think of and many....?

Thousands of contributors across the globe from every country and almost every language. They don't get paid to do any of this, but these contributors donate some of their time and knowledge to exp... Read More »

Can Wikipedia now be considered a reliable source for academic work?

If academics were ever borderline about Wikipedia, they're now decidedly against it. They would laugh at your assertion that "now it has gained a fairly solid reputation of being reliable for sourc... Read More »