How does Wikipedia stop false information from being posted?

Answer We Wikipedians frequently "patrol" pages and give them a once-over - and if we see something that is obviously vandalism or false (e.g. Gerald Ford being alive) we will revert these edits by changi... Read More »

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Does Wikipedia give false information?

I would think most American’s would think the following line to be accurate:1. “George Washington was the first President.”If you saw that in wikipedia, it would seem to be a valid statement... Read More »

How does wikipedia find false information made by others?

Simple. They look at what's been added and if the article owner/s disagree with it he/she/they say that it's false, revert it, banninate your username/IP and run you off Wikipedia like a beaten cur.

Stop wikipedia definiton from being deleted?

First of all, if it's just a dictionary definition of a word, you might be better off adding it to Wiktionary ( ), the dictionary counterpart to the Wikipedia encyclo... Read More »

If Wikipedia has false information...?

Your last resort is to look for one within the Internet, obviously through a search engine like Google.