How does Wikipedia get fincance?

Answer WikiPedia runs on funds and donations by users. It is completely open source, hence anyone can edit it's contents. This eases their burden to some extent, but it's also got negatives, as you can en... Read More »

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Why does a dump of the Wikipedia database have more pages than Wikipedia itself has?

Certain classes of pages, even when in the main "article" namespace, don't count as "articles" for the purpose of statistics. Most notably, redirects! You're probably seeing those, among a few othe... Read More »

According to science journal and wikipedia,tea does contian nicitine. most plants does contain nicotine. pot?

Why is wikipedia not working I am in the UK! I am using google chrome Am I blocked from viewing wikipedia?

Is there a wikipedia macro for "This page is stupid. You can help wikipedia by deleting it."?

Yahoo should have such an option; it would be better than all of their continuous "oops" messages, lol.