How does TestLink track dependencies?

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How to Identify Cross-Functional Dependencies With Flowcharts?

Cross-functional (or deployment) flowcharts are often called "swim lane" diagrams because of their likeness to the lanes roped off in a swimming pool. They illustrate the steps in a process and det... Read More »

My screen door is falling off the track. The one wheel on the bottom will not go into the track?

Most sliding screen doors have an adjusting screw, some are on the face of the door near the wheel others are on the edge like in this picture… which move... Read More »

Sliding doors on a 'track', what is the best way to keep them in the track?

Most sliding doors have rollers that roll on the track. There are usually 4 rollers with adjustment screws on the side to raise or lower the rollers to keep the door on track when adjusted properly.

What Happens If You Fall On The Railway Track Or The Underground Track?

It all depends.If there is a third rail (the raised rail next to the normal rail) and you touch THIS one, you WILL dieIf there are only two rails, then you may well get run over, but not electrocut... Read More »