How does TV in America work?

Answer In Britain the airwaves were nationalized, and the BBC was set up to run the public airwaves. The idea was that the Government knew how to best run what was a public asset. In order to support the... Read More »

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How does the current health care system in America work?

The real answer will be too long to post here, but a few highlights. Health care used to be under the control of doctors. In WWII the US government unconstitutionally froze wages and prices so in o... Read More »

How do taxes work in america?

Taxes in the United States are money that is taken out of a person's income and given to the federal government to pay for necessities, like national security, infrastructure, education, food and d... Read More »

If you buy an iPhone in America will it work in the UK?

Yes it will still work in the United Kingdom. There are cell phone towers located across the the entire world.

Would an America iPhone work in England?