What did stephen hawking discover?

Answer Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has had a long and illustrious scientific career during which he made many discoveries. Some of his more prominent findings include contributing to the big-ban... Read More »

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Where did Stephen Hawking get his bachelor's degree from?

Stephen Hawking earned a degree in natural sciences from University College, Oxford in the United Kingdom. He wanted to study mathematics, but since the subject wasn't offered at University College... Read More »

Where did Stephen Hawking get his bachelor's degree?

English physicist Stephen Hawking completed his undergraduate studies at the University College, Oxford, obtaining a first class honors degree in Natural Science in 1962. Shortly after graduation, ... Read More »

If Stephen Hawking stubs his toe on a corner or something, does he physically have to type in 'ow'!?

Would he actually feel it? I don't think so...

What does RSS mean Please tell what it means in plain talk not computer talk. Thanks?

RSS stands for different things. RSS is a way of showing content (news, pictures, mp3s) without having to go to different web addresses to get it. Say you want to read the news at CNN, foxnews an... Read More »