How does ROTC help people deal with peer pressure?

Answer The ROTC program is a military program in schools to encourage discipline and brotherhood between classmates. by learning with others and learning to obey commanding officers or higher ranked class... Read More »

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How does rotc helps deal with peer pressure?

How to Deal With Peer Pressure?

Peer pressure is a big factor with children and teenagers. They can be pushed into drugs, drinking, hanging out with people they don't want to, and even change their looks or personality. As a chil... Read More »

How to Say No to Negative Peer Pressure?

The most difficult thing for teens today is to say no to peer pressure. Here is how you can counter negative influences, stand up for yourself feel good about it.

How to Stand Up to Peer Pressure?

Are you having problems with everyone calling you a baby because you won't do something that you may not want to do? They may really be trying to get you into trouble, which you won't want to get i... Read More »