What is needed to begin medical transcription?

Answer Medical transcription is the process of listening to dictated reports by physicians and health care professionals and typing the information into a report. In order to begin a transcription career,... Read More »

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Where does transcription take place in a cell?

In a eukaryotic cell (one with a nucleus), the transcription phase of RNA synthesis occurs inside of the cell's nucleus. The newly transcribed mRNA then exits the nucleus for translation in the cel... Read More »

Where does transcription take place in a eukaryotic cell?

In a eukaryotic cell, transcription takes place in the nucleus. During transcription, ribonucleic acids (RNA) join on a single strand of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to copy the DNA template into me... Read More »

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Where does latitude begin?

Latitude spans the globe from the south pole to the north pole. It crisscrosses lines of longitude to create a global coordinate system. The equator lies at zero degrees latitude and spans north an... Read More »