How does Newton's cradle work?

Answer Newton's cradle is a simple toy that demonstrates fundamental principles of physics: the law of conservation of momentum and the law of conservation of energy.ToyNewton's cradle is a rack with seve... Read More »

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Will the Treo 650 cradle work with the Treo 750?

The cradle made for the Palm Treo 650 is also compatible with the Treo 750 as well as the Treo 700. The cradle can also be used as a dock to sync the device with a computer.References:Treo Center: ... Read More »

How to Convert Force Into Newtons?

Newtons measure the amount of force. Each newton equals one kilogram meter per second squared. Other units of force include dynes, pounds of force, kilograms of force and poundals. You may need to ... Read More »

How to Make Fig Newtons Pops?

Yum! Turn those Fig Newtons into delicious pops.Want to create a fun way to turn those nutritious Fig Newtons into delicious treats? Use your favorite candies and treats in this recipe.Makes 6 pops.

How to Find Your Weight in Newtons?

If you want to weigh more, you should weigh yourself in newtons. Weight is mass that is affected by gravity, and is given by the equation weight equals mass times gravity. Newtons are units of forc... Read More »