How does NASA sends photos from outer space to Earth and how long do photos from Jupiter take to reach Earth?

Answer The simple answer is, over a radio transmission containing the picture information and between 35 and 52 minutes depending on how far away we are from Jupiter at the time.NASA has employed many dif... Read More »

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How does NASA sends photos from outer space to Earth and what is it called?

All major NASA space vehicle launches involving Manned Flight operations are executed at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FLorida.

How long does it take the space shuttle to reach outer space from launch?

Answer It takes about 8 minutes from launch for the shuttle to reach space. How is that for speed? Once in space, the space shuttle and the International Space Station orbit the Earth about 16 tim... Read More »

Could NASA be deceiving the public to keep their jobs considering they most likely realise that the distances are too great and that earth resources too few for any long distance space travel?

Extremely doubtful. NASA is as aware as anyone else that thanks to Nixon, we haven't really had a real manned space program since 1972. Everything since then has been pogo-stick flights... take off... Read More »

How to Upload Photos to Google Earth?

Google Earth now has a layer of photos that are taken by users and tagged for specific locations. So when you browse Google Earth, you can look at photos of a place that were taken by other people ... Read More »