How does Mcdonalds contribute to obesity in america?

Answer McDonalds and many other fast food establishments have played a role in the growing problem of obesity all over North America. Not only do they serve very high fat food, but they also promote the ... Read More »

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Do u like mcdonalds even though it causes obesity,well im not a hater i just want to no?

no, disgusting food, no nutrition, targets kids

Is America Exporting Obesity?

America exports ideas globally and imports the goodies ,they sell u a burger and take away energy ?why dont they send some health miracles ?instead of arsens of weapons ,mentally ,physically damaging

Is America the highest in the world for obesity?

Countries use many different measures to determine the prevalence of obesity, so comparisons can be difficult. For the most part, however, the rate of obesity of males and females in the United Sta... Read More »

Do you feel overseas stabilization efforts contribute to America's homeland security?

make adoption of nims by state, tribal, and local organizations a condition for Federal preparedness assistance (through grants, contract, and other activities)make adoption of NIMS by state, triba... Read More »