How does JImmy Wale, founder of wikipedia, make a living?

Answer He's an Internet entrepreneur. They create new businesses on the Internet that make money. Some are for profit, and some are nonprofit foundations like Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not hi... Read More »

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To whom does Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales owe $30,000?

There is this crazy dude called Gregory Kohs who has combed through piles and piles of publicly available documents and figured out that Jimbo Wales owes former business partner Gil Penchina that a... Read More »

How much does Jimmy Wales (the founder of wikipedia) worth?

The only statistics to go by are his own personal estimations that he's made in the past (interviews, articles, etc.). As of 2007, he estimated that Wikipedia was worth about $3 billion, and stated... Read More »

Who is the founder of Wikipedia?

It was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. But there is just not this much to it. Jimmy Wales claims that he is the sole founder of Wikipedia. Though it is undeniable that he has major contrib... Read More »

Is a co-founder of Wikipedia lacking integrity?

Larry Sanger:I would say that he does not lack integrity. This would be a valid concern for any business person who thinks that their boss is swindling the money away from their paychecks. Consid... Read More »