How does Google (20 characters.)?

Answer The suggestions will automatically tell or a spell check error.

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Why does Google keep making Sesame St characters their home page?

Sesame Street is celebrating 40 years of televised programming. Who is your favorite character? I love Mr. Snuffleupagas.

Why is Google po rtraying the sesame street characters?

thet portrayed the charachters because it ws the fortyith aniversary of sesame street

Does Google have any Google/Answer like Yahoo does?

Google Answers succumbed because of its stupid business model.In theory, answers would come from experts, and as such it would be on a higher level than this addictive mayhem full of yahoos.In prac... Read More »

Is google racist Why does someone so powerful like google have to be so mean?

its an scam or you can say Google been spammed.