How does FAFSA work?

Answer Yes FAFSA does pay for all classes and it will pay in full if your limited income (poor) FAFSA looks at your income to determine how much money you will be able to recieve you will only have to pay... Read More »

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How does fafsa work, is the money for the whole year or just for the semester?

Marco:As you can see from that comment, the Pell Grant award is for the entire 2010-2011 school year. The money will be sent to your school in two equal payments - $1650 in the Fall, and $1650 in t... Read More »

Can I still apply for FAFSA if I don't work?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid does not require that you have a job to apply and only requires you to fill out employment information if you have income. In fact, the FAFSA requires t... Read More »

Does FAFSA cover...?

Only if the school is an approved school. Check for them here.

How many years does fafsa pay?

You can get help with many years as long as your grades are good. They approve multiple bachelors, masters, and doctors degrees.