How does "Chad Henne is a joke" not have millions of views?

Answer It's so f*cking true!

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Does anyone have a good boston bombing joke?

what has 3 heads, 17 arms and 13 legs?the boston finish line.

Does youtube pays you if your videos have lots of views and you have lots of subscribers?

Yes they do actually, but you have to be a part of the Youtube Partnership Program: few examples of people on youtube that a part of the youtube partnership program... Read More »

Does chad, africa have a non-industrial or industrial economy?

The African country of Chad has a primarily non-industrial economy with at least 80 percent of its population relying on farming and livestock for their sources of income, according to the CIA Worl... Read More »

Does Chad, Africa have non industrial or industrial economics?

Chad operates under a non-industrial economy. The country is one of the poorest on the African continent. Chad is an agricultural economy, with 80 percent of the population relying on farming for i... Read More »