How can I make sure that no organic life can sustain itself on my yard?

Answer it won't happen.... Mother Nature will find a way to grow something.... and you'll be constantly trying to poison and eradicate whatever starts up there..... notice that even in the worst of desert... Read More »

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Mouse moving by itself. I move it a little then it goes to the right by itself. Really annoying.?

Defective mouse. You have to change it. Moving fast can be changed in the setting, but moving by itself means there's something wrong with the sensor of your mouse already.

How to Sustain Motivation when You're Struggling?

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. - Henry FordNever, never, never, never give up. - Winston ChurchillAfter being motivated initially, there comes t... Read More »

How to Sustain a Long Term Relationship with Your Domestic Partner?

A good long-term relationship can give you a stable base and be a source of much joy. Sustaining the relationship is worth the effort.

They've invented a vacuum sweeper that sweeps by itself, why not invent a lawnmower that mows by itself?…