Does JC Penney carry health insurance for their employees?

Answer To answer the question, does JCPenney carry health insurance for their employees, the answer is sometimes.The company states that in order for full time employees to be benefits eligible, they must... Read More »

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Is it illegal for employees to tape meetings that their bosses are having without the knowledge of their boss?

I don't think there's any law prohibiting this because the last time I checked my professor didn't give me consent to record him but I do every week. In the workplace under those conditions it is u... Read More »

Do big corporations monitor Internet usage of their employees?

According to USA Today, a large number of companies are keeping an eye on their employees' Internet usage. Some companies may allow limited personal Internet usage, but monitor their employees to a... Read More »

How employees can take responsibility for their own self development?

Can government employees have their wages garnished?

Employees in the public and private sector, including government employees, are subject to wage garnishment, which is the practice of an employer deducting money from an employee's paycheck before ... Read More »