How much money does a make-up artist make?

Answer In 2008, the median wage for makeup artists employed in the U.S. was $12.63 per hour or $26,270 per year. Makeup artists working in California and New York earned the highest wages, making up to $7... Read More »

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Does youtube cost money.if it does can someone make me oneusername-naruto877 pasword-naruto?

You just gave out your user name and password. You need to make up a new one now!

How does money does a game show host make?

How does the BBC make its money?

In 1978 the BBC announced it was going to televise all of Shakespeare's plays in productions optimised for TV presentation. (Colour TV became the standard in the UK during the mid 1970's - the BBC ... Read More »

How does the BBC make money?

They receive the TV license Fee,also make money from selling TV formats e.g Doctor Who ,to other countries and through magazines and DVDs they sell