You guys got anyway to make some money online?

Answer SALES is your best bet. Find something you enjoy and sell it. Use Ebay. You can clear people's garages/lofts/warehouse,s..,..

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If guys fantasize about other guys does it mean they are gay?

It might but on the other hand it may only mean that they are sexualy adveturous and inimpresed by convention.

Girls, and guys, I suppose, do you spend a lot of money on?

Nope. I buy my underwear at Ross for like $2 a pair. They are still cute and it's awesome.

Does anyone recall "The Recipe" When I was in college, the guys used to make it....?

It sounds like Hunch Punch 69Google: Hunch Punch, and you will see several recipes.

How much money does a make-up artist make?

In 2008, the median wage for makeup artists employed in the U.S. was $12.63 per hour or $26,270 per year. Makeup artists working in California and New York earned the highest wages, making up to $7... Read More »