How does facebook make money , since all the users registrations are free.?

Answer they sell advertising... the same way every other website and tv channel does

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My ipod froze, like it doesnt do anything , when i tried to plug in to computer it still didn't do anything,?

Press and hold menu and select for 5 seconds and it will reset.

Does anyone know a way to make money online, please don't plug anything?

http://www.netwi 0303take the space out between w and i and the s and 0try this site. Your not gonna win a lot of money, but you can win some in your spare time. Th... Read More »

Well I did not approve nor signed anything and direct tv took money from my account the bank claims that since we had prior business with them it is legal Where can you go for help in fighting it?

I had a hard time finding any that can be trusted. I did a simple search on the company. They provide a number of garbage products online. And then I looked at their Privacy Statement. This one lin... Read More »

If google adsense pays u, how do they make money?

Google Adsense is the program that allows you to put Google ads on your site.Google adwords is what pays for the ads. You advertise your business or site through them and pay Google to get you lis... Read More »