Does *67 actually work?

Answer They won't be able to see your Caller ID, but they would be able to activate nuisance trace (*57) or see the ANI from your number. 911, the trapcall cell phone application, call centers, and even ... Read More »

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How does sleep actually work?

"sleep" is when your mind slips out of conscious thought. You have no control over your muscles when your are unconscious. During this time of sleep, your muscles get a chance to relax as well as y... Read More »

Does this actually work?

The treatments in a salon are not the same as the conditioner you have at home. TBH it would be a pointless exercise doing it at home as most home conditioners are designed to sit on the external p... Read More »

Does nourkrin actually work?

On One Hand: Clinical TrialsNourkrin has some empirical evidence that suggest the product does actually work. A study conducted by the Nourkrin company showed that around 75 percent of users experi... Read More »

Does Proactive actually work?

I used to use proactive religiously for about a year and all it did was make my face extremely dry! It didnt get rid of my acne so I had dry crackly skin and zits... In my opinion I hated it and it... Read More »