How does Carbon Dioxide help the environment?

Answer increasing the amount of carbon dioxide each year

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How much does carbon dioxide gas weigh?

Carbon dioxide weighs 44 g per mole. At room temperature and pressure, which is about 77 degrees F, and 1 atmosphere of pressure, 44 g of carbon dioxide takes up about 0.82 cubic feet. Therefore, 1... Read More »

How much carbon dioxide does a greenhouse need?

The amount of carbon dioxide any plant needs for photosynthesis (the process of using carbon dioxide to store solar energy as sugars) varies from species to species. To double plant growth, horticu... Read More »

Where does waste carbon dioxide in the blood go?

Some waste carbon dioxide is filtered out of the blood by the lungs and exhaled in gaseous form, according to the Merck Manual Online Library. The rest combines with an additional oxygen molecule a... Read More »

Where does blood exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen?

Blood exchanges oxygen for carbon dioxide at the blood-gas barrier between the alveoli of the lungs and tiny capillaries in the alveoli walls. This barrier is extremely thin, only 200 to 300 nanome... Read More »