How does Bob Cratchit refer to Scrooge?

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How does mrs cratchit feel toward Scrooge?

For most of the story, she resents and despises him for a hard master to her husband and his lack of compassion for others. She's willing for her husband to defend him and, as a good Christian woma... Read More »

What does Scrooge byu for the Cratchit family on Christmas day?

How does Scrooge send a turkey to bob cratchit?

Scrooge sees a boy passing by his home and gets the child to go and buy the "Prize Goose" that is on display at the local Poulterer's.He then sends the Goose to the Cratchit's by way of the Poulter... Read More »

What does Mrs Cratchit think of Scrooge in a Christmas Carol?

Because he is a very kind and humble man. He is grateful to Scrooge even for the miserable few shillings he earns every week.