How does Bill Kaulits from Tokio Hotel get his hair all spiky and puffy?

Answer okay i may be a girl but i have spiked up my hair just like his before.first thing to do it make sure your hair is clean, but need to brush your hair to get out all the knots, and if your h... Read More »

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How to get Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel) hair?

he says he uses plenty of hairspray and doesn't brush it very often. Wait till Wednesday the 27th, and go to… to see episode 41, where Bill goes grocery s... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: I would have grabbed Bill's hair, you?

THOSE were the most relaxed untense fans i have ever seen, not one faint out, no blood curdling screams, nothing crazy or off the top at all, very fishy, it makes me think that they must have told ... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: Kaulitz Palms Und Mehr Bill-Bill?

Hallo. Cousin who loves Jared Leto here. tehe XD (I'm actually at your house right now and I don't remember requesting that question, but you know, it's nice to here the opinion.) Um, their drawing... Read More »

[Tokio Hotel fans/family] If Tokio Hotel wasen't Tokio Hotel what do you think they'd be?

Bill- Kindergarden teacher.Tom- Stripper hahahaGustav- Zoo keeperGeorg- Blockbuster clerk.