How does American healthcare work?

Answer The healthcare system in the United States is absolutely terrible for poor people, and the best in the world for the rich. That is why President Obama made it his mission to reform healthcare laws ... Read More »

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Does marxism work in healthcare?

On One Hand: Yes, It Demonstrably Does.Cuba, a state based on Marxist philosophy, has an excellent national health care system, one in which care is free to all residents, with excellent results. A... Read More »

In the current U.S. healthcare system, who pays for the healthcare?

does everyone pay for insurance, and the insurance pays for their healthcare â–¬ that is the basic premise of insurance.Do we pay for some, and then our insurance pays for the rest â–¬ this is the ... Read More »

Does American blue ray work on English ps3?

No. Blu-Ray discs will only work on Blu-Ray players. But DVDs can play on Blu-Ray players due to the backwards compatibility enabled

Does an American iPhone work in Europe?

Here's what Apple had to say about it: Will the iPhone work in Europe, Asia, etc? By Chad Shmukler - Published January 18th 2007 - 22:14 in Service Providers • TechnicalYes, the iPhone will work ... Read More »