How does America get along with the enemies today after world war 2?

Answer National Security Council

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Does a subduction earthquake along western coast of South America increase or decrease the likelihood of a similar earthquake along the west coast of North America?

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How do you not go along with the selling of America?

PERSONALLY, I think the only way the average american people are gonna get out of this bull s__t is to ACTUALLY DECLARE WAR on THE U.S. GOVT. it can happen but might not have to go that far if we... Read More »

My Diabetic nurse and educator told me today that I should do some resistance training with weights along with?

More than likely because she has no idea. There are many bad ways to do this and unfortunately, one good way - compound exercises (meaning exercises that involve more than one major group of muscle... Read More »

How to Make Enemies on Call of Duty 5 World at War (Cod:Waw)?

If you want to make enemies, this is how you do it and do it well!