How does APR work on a credit card?

Answer APR for your credit card is calculated on a daily basis and quoted annually. Each credit institution sets its own terms and agreements for credit accounts.FunctionAPR stands for annual percentage r... Read More »

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Will my debit card work the same as my credit card outside the USA?

Debit cards or check cards can be used outside of the United States. However, they can only be used at merchant destinations that honor that specific card type. The most common debit card types are... Read More »

Can a credit card that's from Canada work in the U.S.?

Canadian credit cards work in the United States. A Visa or MasterCard issued in Canada will work in the U.S. at all merchants that accept either credit card. Other types of Canadian-issued credit c... Read More »

How to Work out Credit Card Charges?

If you are drowning in debt and can't pay your credit card bills, it may be easier than you think to work out arrangements to settle your debt, either on your own or through credit counseling organ... Read More »

How does a credit card machine work?

A credit card machine is a computer-based device used to process financial transactions made with credit cards quickly and efficiently. The transaction information is then forwarded to the bank usi... Read More »