How do you get rid of zits lol?

Answer get pregnant and your face might magically clear up! i hope your not very young if so disregard my answer & buy proactive,

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Why is it bad to pop zits?

It is not really bad- when I get my facials she does it for me- first start out with clean skin and make sure that your pores are open- have also clean hands take a clean needle and scrape the zit... Read More »

Any ways to get rid of zits?

Wash your face often, getting oil blotting papers, and overall cleanliness will probably help. If you use oil blotting papers on the places where you're likely to get zits that will probably decre... Read More »

How do i get rid of my zits and pimples?

I'm from the states, and when I was fraught with zits, I popped them. I never had any so-called pock marks by popping. Just be sure to wash afterwards.

How to Rid of Zits and Pimples?

Pimples are called blemishes for a reason. The red spots, no matter how small or huge, are attention drawers; it doesn't matter how pretty your outfit is or how nice your hair looks. Most of the ti... Read More »