How do yuou cut onions without crying?

Answer You can't or wear snorkling goggles hahah.

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How do u cut onions without crying?

It may sound funny, but I put on a pair of swim goggles. It works like a charm.

How to cut onions without crying?

i have heard the runnig water and the keep your mouth close and they dont work for me so i hold my breath but i seen on tv a new thing to cut all kinds of stuff..potatos, onions ect... it costs 19.... Read More »

How do you cut onions without crying?

You have to chew something while youre cutting it.For example:1- Insert a piece of bread in yor mouth2- start chewing it3-Start cutting the onion.

How can I cut onions without crying?

Chewing seems to work ... my grandma said chew a piece of parsley.Also cut at waist level (not on the worktop) and make sure that the air isn't rising towards your eyes.